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Travelling should be exhilarating and fun of a group trip. The shared experience and opportunities to grab on both social and professional fonts are some of the pleasures of travelling. This is what a group trip should be. But unfortunately, frequently it’s costly, it’s stressful, it’s rushed and it ends up being something completely not enjoyable and an experience you wish you can forget.
These days, airplanes are also crowded and very inconvenient. Quite frequently, before you even get the chance to fly, there are flight cancellations and delays that can leave you stranded in any distant terminal. If this is a group trip, it feels good to seat near each other. Oh, and the scenery is a long way down, and frequently under cloud cover. When you actually reach your destination, you still have to arrange for ground transportation to get you to the place you are staying and the things you want to see. Unless you absolutely have to take a plane, air travel should be avoided.
So, let us get down to Earth and consider ground travel. You can take the family car, but wait for a minute. If it is a trip to a club or a church group, then it won’t be a single car. It will be many cars. Handling and directing a group of people travelling in cars may be a bit simpler. But then again, riding a car may be an exhausting experience. There is only one benefit of a car with a private driver Dunsborough. It will take you precisely where you want to go, at least to the parking area nearest to where you want to go, but only if you are good in reading maps while arguing and driving with your spouse about whom was right when it came to that last right turn which should have been a left turn.
The next option to consider is travelling by train. It is nostalgic, romantic, and usually not crowded. You will be able to walk around and stretch your legs. Get a snack, check out the passing scenery. But what if you all wanted to share a common space? There won’t be sufficient seats. You may be pissed off by that little kid running around the corridor making it horrible for you to move. The worst thing about travelling by train is it is not private. Moreover, it won’t solve your ground transportation issue to the hotel either. The train will drop you at the train station, not at the tourist destination, where you and hundreds of happy tourists are on your own with your heaps of baggage to arrange some kind of transportation to take you to your final destination.
So, what option is left for us? Basically, the best possible solution among all is a private charter bus Dunsborough. A truly good charter bus is like a luxury cruise and offers the best types of transportation, specifically for bigger groups. These are quiet, reasonable, neat, safe and reliable. So the next time you are planning to take a trip with a group to anywhere around the Margaret River area, consider the advantages of travelling by a charter bus. Sit back, unwind and enjoy the ride!

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